My theory is that conspiracy in goverment is not a conspiracy like we think.There is good chance that goverment is working with aliens.Aliens give them grate technology and similar stuff like "power" to win the space race.I noticed that the SSSR was better in begining but the US has won and still is.
That is big jump from the loser to the winer who can't lose.Do you know the answer,do you have a good explanation.

Intro for this section:
Here you will find a lot of theoretical thoughts.
Most of it will be the connections between all of the previous stuff:

My theory is that aliens have paranormal capabilitys.
Maybe every people that have that capabilitys are aliens.Nobody has find out how to use all the technology from the crashed ufos and that is because the ufos are maybe some kind of connection with aliens,i meen maybe the aliens are controling the space ships with they'r minds and that is how they manage to make travels last only about 1 to 10 years instead 1 to 10 light years.
Did you ever think about the stuff like why the goverment is covering up everything that is strange and they always get away with it.I have the answer on that,if you believe that the answer is correct because it might be wrong,the goverment people are aliens and the military people are aliens and they are preparing the invasion.The first war is war on Iraq,will see what will be the next target and finaly the whole world will be under the command of aliens.
Don't panic,i repeat don't panic!!!There is still enough time until that happens.
If we have enough luck the good aliens will come and save us all,all the alien ships that have crashed are probably the ships from the good aliens and they are a live and they are preparing all thing that will be needed for the defense from the bad aliens.Area 51 is probably the place where the bad aliens or good are making all the relevant decisions and they are making the space ships.