I found something very interesting about CIA connection with AIDS(HIV virus) on Above Top Secret site.
There is a lot of true in this.It is very logical that CIA and maybe some other goverment
agency(s) have made HIV virus in order to kill(contaminate) homosexuals and the africans.
We all know that in Africa there is the bigest contamination with HIV virus
and the big part of population is dying because of that virus.

My theory about that,is that experiments starts when we are born and are continuing trough the life time.When we start going to the doctor for some controls they are taking blood,urin and stuff like that so do not be surprised when you see your clone walking down the street.


Everyone know about moon landing but noone knows for sure what is there.The scientist from NASA didn't discover anything strange there so they say.But i believe that there is something on the moon,maybe not on the surface but maybe below.I wached some tv show about that and i found out on some sites and in some books about the astronauts have saw the ufos during they'r missions on some space satellites.I also saw some movies which has been recorded during some of the missions.You can check this site for movies and photos "".
I think that goverment is hiding something that they have found on moon but the big question is what are they hiding!?

Maybe America was involved in this because she wanted to make excuse for going in war with the Iraq.I do not know did anyone of you whou are reading this text ever wached tv-show "THE LONE GUNMEN" in the first episode there was something about crashing the plane,with remote control from ground,in the "Two Towers" and then blaming the ones that U.S. Goverment want dead.If you did not wach that episode or that tv-show i strongly advice to do that.


The place that isn't there.Goverment doesn't want to admit that area51 exist.You can't find it on any map.The president doesn't know what is that and what are military doing there.There is possibility that in there are alien crafts and alien bodys.The problem is that you can't find out what is in there because the guards are rady to shoot you down if you don't step back until they tell you that you are enough distant from the area and if you try to took some pictures they will take the film out of your camera,but if you are enough careful than you might have the chance to took some realy cool photos.Like photos of strange lights that are showing over the AREA-51.The area 51 is also known as:S-4,DREAMLAND,and some other names but this are the most popular and very known over the world.I personaly think that there is some secret passage in some secret underground place and to get there you must be employee of the S-4 and have some high rank.Beside that you must have key-cards and you must give your eye print and you must, after that, give your voice confirmation and if you make just a little mistake the place starts closing and the alarm is turning on,than the big number of best soldiers with some very good equipment check you to see was that a mistake or you are the intruder.If you try to resist than they take you down.The passage that i mentioned early is some kind of worm hole and when you pass through it you are than in some other secret base where all the alien stuff is, maybe even a live alien or aliens.One thing is almost 100% true and that thing is that the military have moved all the interesting stuff that were in AREA-51 in some other more secret base because too many people knows about S-4 and for them that is not good at all because they have invest a lot of money and still are investing.The resent news about area51 is that they have spread the gates.Some folks on net are talking about the moving the area51 on some other place more hidden.I think that is not true.
There is another explanation about area51 and this is another of my theories and that is that area51 is just some regular place and the reason why is there and why all the strange stuff is going on there is maybe the military or,and goverment is trying to divert attention from some other secret base.


I read in a book about the greatest conspiracy on Earth, also i've watched
some TV shows about that kind of stuff. So after all that i think that we
are not alone in the universe(also on Earth!!!:)). I think after WW2 the
American government made a contact with grey aliens and then made a
contract- technology for animals and the average normal people that are
paying enormous taxes(that explains the technology boom after WW2).
Everything was going well until the aliens that were on Earth began to do
some weird stuff. There were aliens in USSR(Russia)- gray aliens. At that
point began the cold war but it was only blinding method. Behind the facade
the two countries made an alliance against the aliens and only in a critical
situations to launch nukes(sounds weird, but i think there is a logic in
that). Now we have the stelt technology and lot of dead cows:))) (black
With the help of the aliens the human step on the moon long before 1969(if
it was a real landing was a real thing) and even on Mars. One normal person
made a photo of that landing and losed his life in weird circumstances. The
worst thing in this situation is the pole shift(that is when south pole
becomes north pole and north pole becomes south).
I am not joking! The world governments now move the world's
Elite(Presidents of big corporations, Mafia, and another rich people) on
Mars(they use the Moon as a middle base). This is to save them from the
cataclysms that will appear on Earth, and after that they will return to
Earth. The sad thing is that this happened many times before and will happen
in the future if someone don't stop them. Atlantida was that kind of case.
P.S. The Pole shift is on 2012.


To understand this theory you must understand what are black holes this is what Nenad Plavsic
believes that they are and his theory about them:
This text has been written by Nenad Plavsic my assistant
I believe that there are more then one black hole because there are to many galaxies so it would
be stupid that only one exist ,probably there is black hole for each galaxy.It is probably hard
to find it because ,my research told me,it is a little hidden.If you would look at it,from a
distance, you would probably see big black (half) circle sucking in everything around it
that is closer then a kilometer(km) ,something similar to bermudian triangle (devil
triangle).Probably the rocket or space shuttle that comes near the black hole just fall in
losing control over the commands in the shuttle.Computers in the shuttle start shutting
down,clocks start to move backward(the time),because when the black hole sucks you in
you go through time.I also think that inside the black hole there are two tunnels , if you go
through the left one you go in the past and if you go through the right you go in the future or
opposite.Now the CIA and FBI are probably hiding this because of measures of security ,
and this measures are if the terrorists find about that they would probably tried to
stole(hijack) the shuttle and go in the space and through the black hole.And if they would
choose to go in the past they would take a lot of weapons and take over the world and that
would change the past,now and future!!!But the question is can the someone who has gone
in the past or future could that person come back in today,or when you go in past/future
there is no turning back.


I done a big research about do the black holes exist.I got two answers or three.
1.When i opened a search engine and typed in "black holes" i got results from
NASA.SPACE.COM and similar.The answer was that they do exist and that there is one in our
galaxy (that news was from year 2001) and was shoot down,but the scientist found a lot
of black holes in other galaxies,small,big and giant ones, but the answer
2.When i typed in same search engine "black holes AND cia" and "cia AND black holes" the
link on the top of the search engine told me that black holes probably don't exist and that
many scientists don't and can not accept the fact that something invisible can suck in
anything and that this anything becomes nothing.My answer is answer
3.I read in some book title "BLACK HOLES,AND OF UNIVERSE?" that there are two "kind"
of black holes the one that rotates and the one that do not move at all(frozen one) theory
was that if you go through the middle of the rotating hole you go in some other
universe,other dimension and if you would go on the Earth you would find book differently
titled and from other writer and your double playing tennis perfectly and you don't even
now what the tennis is.If you would try to go back in your dimension going through the
same black hole you would end up in third dimension and with even wierdir title of the
same book and differently written.My theory is that black holes exist but that they are not
dangerous and they are connected with other universes and /or further planets but in our
universe and the reason why the scientist at NASA tell that they are dangerous is because
the CIA and DoD are in some war against aliens because the aliens are good but more
intelligent than us and they want to stop all the wars and other problems on Earth.Many
abdacties sad that the aliens told them to warn everyone about pollution on our planet and
other problems,because of that the CIA and DoD do not want us to know about that and if
the war would be stopped by aliens American's government would loosed all the big money
income that they get when there is a war.I watched in some movie or tv-show some man
said "War gives a lot of money" or something like that.
For the link about answer 2 you just have to go to and in search type what i

UFOs-Aliens or Not:

This will probably sound crazy but i have to share this with everybody whou are reading this.
Did you ever think it is possible for UFOs to be goverment or other non alien technology and only reson why they are hiding that fact is because they invented that to make us think that we are not alone.The possible reson could be that we are alone or to stop us to rich the stars or to scare us to think that aliens are bad but maybe they are good but we will not know that because when they decide to publicly show theyr faces and theyr technology we start a war against them.This are some of many resons what ufos are and maybe the goverment is involved in that 100% or 50% or 0% or something between.This is something for you to think about.


I have an idea about how to build Time Machine,it's very simple(if my idea is correct),but it requires a lot of money(i think,i didn't check the cost of that).So if you want to know how to build it first you must study what the speed of light is(c) and how to use that to help you.
Now the things that you will need to build TM:
1-A small house(enough big to fit one person)
2-Sleeping tablets
3-At least 2 persons(one inside TM and the other outside)
4-A large number of stronge motor engines
That is all you need.Now you must make the small house to spin with a help of motor engines that would be enough stronge to make it spin with a speed greater than speed of light.
When the small house rich speed little less then speed of light the traveler(when he/she wakes up)after he/she open the door of that house they will be in the future.
To go to the past the speed of rotation must be greater then the speed of light.
But what if someone has already built it and what if that someone is using it now or have used it before and will continue because we don't even know about that.Maybe someone has built that machine and thats why the WW2 didn't finish earlier or later or maybe thats the reson of attacking America or the start of war in Iraq and its ending.
If you need more information you know my e-mail(just in case "").


I and few other that i know have noticed that when it rained on some places in Belgrade there was a water mixed with detergent.
I know that in military in branch of (cant remember what is the full name-ANTI BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL something)they learn that
the best way of decontamination of anything is to washe it with a water and detergent.
So i dont know why water looked like it was mixed with detergent was it because of dirt or something,the air isn't clean so maybe the rain was mixed with something similar to detergent
or maybe someone spilled something similar to detergent.I know that the number of people whou are sick from cancer has growned after the war in 1999.