PARANORMAL here and now:
In PARANORMAL page you will see story(s) and my theoretical thinking about:

GHOSTS and MAGIC: This text will be about magic,BLACK magic.Did you ever think of a power of words to make anything magical you have to say special words on a special way,but what if that is not true,there is a big chance that only thing you need to make some big event like to envoke earthquake is to say some word or words.

I had a great experiment but i stoped with it because i think i had found a word that can kill someone,i realy hope that the event that occured wasn't because of me.

Now what if someone is using the words to kill anybody and he doesn't know that he is the guilty one,what if some kid whou is learning to speak is saying words that are know making earthquakes and other catastrophs,is that a black magic or what!?

  MONSTERS: Here i will talk about "LOCH NES MONSTER".I never saw it but i have recently looking at Discovery channel something about it.Then i start thinking how to catch it and i remember something and i do not now why the people whou are waching the lake 24 hours a day do not take a gun with tranquilizers and shoot at it and than take it out from water and explore it.

  ESP and UNEXPLAINED: I think i have explanation about ESP(extra-sensory-perception),if you find the answer about that my theory is true please don't kill your self let me know via e-mail.
My theory is that all of this is a big dream and only the ones whou are aware of that can move objects with they'r mind and fly and do all the stuff that is impossible, because you can do anything when you are dreaming.
The reason why there is a lot of missing persons who still are missing is maybe that they have found the way out,the reason why people die is that they have been eaten or killed in the real world like in the movie "MATRIX".
When you dream something strange maybe you are woken in the real world.
If you want to find the answer, is that posible,could this be dream, i have to warn you that the answer may not be what you expect.I don't know is this true, this is just my theory i didn't try to find the answer about this because i don't have enough courage to do so.

  BERMUDIAN TRIANGLE: There is a lot people who believe that the reason why some of the ships and airplanes has disappear is because of some stuff on the bottom of the ocean.I think that this is just a big lie.
There is more on the bottom than you could imagine and i would like to investigate that but i am still to far from there.
There is a lot of explanations what could be there and one of them is that that is a alien base or maybe some portal to the alien base.
The good explanation,if it's true,is showed in the old movie "THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" or something like that it makes you wonder about that.
Now i will try to explain the essence of the movie for you who didn't wach it.Some space ship has wander on the dark side of the moon and from the direction of dark side suddenly another space ship appear and the crew of the first space ship tryes to contact that ship but no one answers and then the plot begins.Anyhow the main actor found out somewhere in the middle of the film that the bermudian triangle is somehow connected with the dark side of the moon,at the end camera is showing what is on the surface of that area of the moon and its showing all the air planes that have ever disappear and also ships.That is really interesting answer.

  DREAMS AND TIME: Have you noticed that when you go to sleep let say at 23:00 and you dream about your hole life
from the time when you were born to the time when you die,and then you wake up and the time is 23:15.
So what do you think about that in the dreamland time is vary diferent from the time in the real
world.Now if you can learn how to use that that could be vary usefull.For instance you forget that tomorow you have to finish some project
that you didn't even start and time needed to finish that project is at least one month.
So if you could somehow speed up you brain, your hole brain, a 100% of your brain, so the time for you would be like 1 sec.=10 hours that meens that 24 hours would be
something like 864000 hours for you,you would have a lot of time for project and for other things to.
But the problem would be that everything else would be in slow motion.
This theorie gave me a friend Marko Pavicevic and we talked about that and now it it's here.

  FANTOM CAR: I don't know what fantoms are but i done some research about fantoms in my country.
I found only one true story about possible fantom car.It happened in 60' or 70' in Belgrade at
There was a car(maybe white but the people could not remember exactly because of time that
passed from than) that had a driver(maybe fantom driver) and every night it would
come to "Slavija" at midnight and do the crazy driving and tricks,then the police would come
and try to catch him but every time they tried they failed.The fantom car was coming for
about 3 or 6 months in a row and what ever the police tried to do in order to get him they
would fail.After the period of 3 or 6 months the fantom car never came again(maybe it
decided to take a vacation or something similar).This is the reason for my title.Trust me this
is a true story.