UFOs The beginning:
I think that not much people are aware that the first written encounter with aliens was many years before case in Roswell.It was around 1920 the first case was in June 1920 Albert Coe saw something and had a chance to talk with aliens.I will not going to retall this story you can find that story and many other interesting stuff in book "ALIEN BASE" BY TIMOTHY GOOD.In this section you will be able to read many truthful story(s) and interesting theories about UFOs.

As you noticed i haven't updated this site for a long time,i'm sorry for that.The reason for that is because i don't
have anything else to put in this section.That is because i now know that aliens are
here and what is the point for talking about abductions and ufos and aliens.They probably
have in some way good cause and that is why they don't want to show them selves in the
public,if they would show them selves they would probably have to answer on bunch of ,for
them,stupid questions.Military would definitely take their technology and used it to conquer
the whole world and to torture the ones who would try to confront them and the one that
would be against them(aliens or not).The various ufo groups ,that are trying to find the truth
about ufos,are trying to find aliens and ufos and to help their military to first take the secret
weapon and to conquer the world or maybe even some parts of universe.I'm not saying that
all the ufo groups are like that but there is possibility that this types of groups exist.This is
why i will not try to expose anything about aliens or ufos that would show their plan to save
us all from our destructive nature,who knows how many times they saved us(its true that
some very big accidents happened,but it could-ed been worse).But with all the things thats
happening on the world (terrorists attacks and serial murderers and maniacs) this really is
not important at all.The CIA and FBI documents about ufos and aliens exist,you can get
them from FOIA(Freedom of information act) web site foia.fbi.gov or foia.cia.gov and in
that documents although the important parts are censored the parts that are not clearly show
that the US Government had to do something with aliens and ufos ,and with all that
evidence(its not the part of space ship but it is something) bunch of people still don't believe
and the point of this is that aliens are here and no one really gives a damn for that because
of situation in the world.This section is from now closed until i decide differently.END
Okay the title is strange but read the text and maybe you will understand.All of you who are
watching news and/or reading newspapers you all know that there are proofs that some time ago
the life existed on the Mars and maybe it still does.If that is the true than we are
probably the little green people or simply we are from Mars because there is proof that the
comet from Mars failed on the Earth and if the life on Mars did exist before and the science
is telling as it did because of the foundings of the water on its surface we have attacked
Earth killed the people that once lived here and probably the dinosaureses and now we are
just investigating the Mars because we want to find the reason why did we come here and
what happened with the Mars so that no one is living there or is it.The other possibility is
that Mars attacked us from the time when the meteorite falled in the Antarctic 13000 years
ago because the scientist like Tony Taylor are certain that the bacteria was found in that
meteorite.Now what will happen if the bacteria mutate,what will happen if that is
possible.We will probably find the answer in the future,if we are lucky in near future.
The biggest question that all the skeptics are asking the believers in UFOs is "If they exist why
don't they show themselves to the public".
After large research that i have done i concluded because of the connection between all the
cases of the popular encounters of the third kind and abductions that it was all neccesery.
Aliens had to do that because they wanted to make a simulation of the situation that would
happen if they would show to the public that they exist and to make simulation they needed
as much data as possible that is why they had to abduct and do experiments on the all kind of people,different ages and sexes and beliefs.They have greater intelligence then we and they
probably have knowledge of technology on the bigger level than we do and they know how
to with some accuracy(not 100% because they didn't gather all the informations from all the
people) simulate anything they want.Now if the simulation has an error than maybe that is
why some of the aliens are still visiting us and some of the aliens are still here probably in
form of human.If that is the true than when they make better machine for simulations they
will start with abductions again with much,much more people.
Now i will explain , so that anyone can understand , how to make any object invisible.For this
explanation i will take that the object that we want to make invisible is cube.Because
the cube have 6 sides we will need 6 miniature cameras and 6 flat
monitors.To make cube invisible we have to put the miniature cameras on every side and to
make holes in each monitor screen enough small for the camera to be able to record through
the monitor.Now we have to connect each camera with each monitor that is parallel with
each camera(if you did not understand this connect stuff than i will explain this with a
simple cubes for YAMB that has numbers on each side:you connect camera that is on the
side number 1 to the monitor that is on the side no.6 and camera that is on the side no.6 to
the monitor that is on the side no.1 and the camera that is on the side no.2 to the monitor
that is on the side no.5 and camera that is on the no.5 to the monitor that is on the side no.2
and the camera that is on the side no.3 to the monitor that is on the side no.4 and the
monitor that is on the side no.4 to the camera that is on the side no.3).
Now what if aliens are using that to make their ufos to be invisible not only for radar but for
everybody.You look to the sky and you can't see them.Maybe that is the reason why planes
are crashing.Think about it.
Who knows maybe military is working on this and i helped them because i put this theory on my
If you want to tell me why this couldn't work or why it would contact me at my e-mail or use the