The story(s) that have pass.
-->Close encounter with UFO:<--
This happened many years ago,but i am remembering exactly what happened.It was night,around 19 or 20 houres and i was looking the sky trough the window and i saw some like star and it was glowing red.I did not believe in aliens and UFOs in those days,but i started because i saw something that i will explain.
After that when i saw the red thing i have turn around because of the noise on TV, after that i looked trough the window again and i was very close to window and something big and red was infront of me.I was very scared and that thing was just floating and i had a feeling like its looking at me.After few seconds i wanted to call someone to see that to.But before any one saw that it was gone.
As the years are passing my memory of that is very fade.

-->ESP and UNEXPLAINED(1):<-- I will begin with my true story,(all the story(s) on this site are TRUE),of unexplained event that has happened in my bathroom,last year.
The doors of the bathroom have only one half of latch ,it was morning and my relative wanted to go to take a shower and he goes in the bathroom but because there is only half of lach and the half was on the side of the door which was in the bathroom.
He than close the door bat he was delirious and because he pulled the lach really hard and the lach comes out of the door and he was locked in.
This look like a funy story but the bigest thing about it is that the lach has disappear and it still is.
The bathroom is not big so when i found out what happened i start looking for it because the lach can not disappeare that easy and it is not big at all.I was looking to see is there some electromagnetic field but nothing.
I still dont know what happened with the lach.